Current Transformers

Omega LTRC

Resin Cast Metering Current Transformers:

General specification

Applicable standard : - IEC61869-1 & 2
Case : - Epoxy Resin
Insulation class :- E(120°C max)
Test voltage :- 3KV 50 Hz for 1 minute.
Rated Primary current :- 100A to 1200A
Rated secondary current :- 5A standard
Continuous current :-1.2X Rated current
Rated system voltage :- 0.72/3KV
Ambient temperature range:- -20 to +45°C
Storage temperature range:- -50 to +80°C

Compact size.
Wide range of system current Ratings.
Transparent terminal cover.
Wall mounting.
Terminal with self lifting screw.

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