Clamp Meters

Delta 1000

It measures important electrical parameters like AC Current (TRMS), DC Current,AC Voltage(TRMS), and DC Voltage. It also features Capacitance, Ohm & Continuity, frequency, and Duty cycle and temperature measurement

Special Features

  • Delta 1000A is a highly innovative design for features those increases safety and comfort of user.
  • Rotating clamp jaws facilitate the measurement at physically awkward positions, vertical bus bars, conductors placed at positions difficult to access.
  • Location and design of trigger eliminates fatigues caused by single finger operation.
  • It allows spreading the force required to open the jaws over more than one finger to ensure comfortable operation.
  • Clamp jaws can be opened or closed with the trigger placed at bottom side away from the jaws. This allows the user to place his/her hand at safer distance from live conductor. This greatly reduces exposure of human beings to electrical shocks
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