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Looking for high quality electrical measuring instruments complying with international standards and an organization with world class customer service

Sifam Tinsley Instrumentation Inc. is exactly what you have in mind.

All our products and processes, at Sifam Tinsley Instrumentation Inc. are customer centric which means each of our products comes with the scope of being customized according to your requirements. Our relationship with the customer just begins with the sale of the products. We constantly strive to upgrade our products and services through process improvement and customer interaction.

Our Vision

The Vision of Sifam Tinsley Instrumentation Inc. is to achieve continuous growth through innovation and technological advancement in the field of energy measurement and Automation

Our Mission

The company shall engineer and provide products by efficient use of all resources consistently surpassing customer expectations on quality and delivery at competitive price. The company shall achieve performance excellence by innovation and continuous improvements in process, products and services to create opportunities for growth of all stakeholders of the organization